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Gate-That-Was: An SG-1/Firefly Amalgam
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Welcome to the Gate-That-Was, an SG-1/Firefly amalgam.

The idea grew out of an entirely innocent fic in which SG-1 viewed this amalgated universe through the Quantum Mirror. A small scene quickly spiraled out of control, creating the universe you see before you.

What Is Gate-That-Was?

In case you're not familiar with amalgams, this is not the usual crossover I see floating around the net. This crossover literally combines the SG-1 and Firefly universes so that it is the SG-1 cast crewing Serenity and filling the various roles in the Firefly 'verse.

As this universe grows, so will the amalgated cast list. If you ever want to check the current cast list, please see this post.

How Did This Start?

In answering an alternate universe prompt at sg1_five_things, I wrote a story in which SG-1 encountered a strange world in which they were space pirates, flying a ship called Serenity. Comments called for more to be written in this universe and who was I to deny my friends?

The fic that started it all is reposted here.

Can I Play, Too?

I created this community, not just to share this universe, but so that other writers can play with me. I'll ask you to hold your stories for the time being, though. I'd like to get the first few stories up to set the ground rules for the universe. Until then, just sit back and enjoy the show.

Thanks to mirankos for toiling over the layout and helping maintain the community.